Saturday, December 27, 2003

One Victim's view of Malpractice caps

Mindy Snyder was a young registered nurse who went to a hospital ER complaining of a headache. Her doctor, who had been practicing for 3 months gave her an overdose of 60 mg of morphine by direct injection and left her unattended. She fell into a coma for almost a month. The result was severe brain damage. She was transferred to a rehab hospital, where she spent the next six months. She was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic. Mindy's screams were so horrible that nursing staff had to receive stress counseling. The hospital then created a second phony set of altered records to cover up their medical malpractice.
Mindy's economic damages were a staggering $8 million. Close to half a million dollars represented money she already owed her doctors since their negligence. Roughly $6 million was required to pay doctors to keep Mindy alive in the future - this $ would all go to doctor's, not one cent to her - for future surgeries, therapies, medications, wheelchairs, hospital beds, adaptive housing, psychological counseling, etc. These figures were not disputed. Not one cent would pay her for the total loss of quality of life and her unthinkable pain and torment.
Is there a damage cap proponent who would look her in the eyes and tell her that $250,000 was adequate compensation for the total destruction to her life caused by bad medicine?
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