Wednesday, September 01, 2010

La. Nursing Home Accused of Abuse

Elderly Abuse in long term care facilities is a serious problem that affects hundreds of thousands of elderly people across this country. It is widely under reported and as TV10 recently found out it can happen anywhere.

When your loved one is in a care facility the last thing you expect is for those trusted with their vital needs to be the ones contributing more pain and suffering. But, TV10 found out from one family in Mamou, that can't be taken for granted.

Every day Mary Francis Howard looks forward to a visit from her family. After several strokes she now resides at Savoy Care Center in Mamou. Her docile nature and smiling face make her well liked by everyone who meets her. So when Pamela Bolfa went to visit her mother in law Friday morning, they were shocked to see what condition she was in.

"I came down to check her out and that's when I discovered massive bruising and contusions on her head."

The beating happened between 6 pm Thursday and 6:00 am Friday morning. The center submitted an internal incident report citing, minor bruising, on the face. The family reported it to Mamou Police who are conducting an investigation.

Nursing Home Accused of Abuse

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