Sunday, February 19, 2012

Former nursing home employee speaks out about abuse

A former nursing home employee said she was a witness to the elder abuse and neglect.
Ex-Brandon Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center employee who we'll call "Ann" worked as a certified nursing assistant at the facility for about six weeks.
"while I worked there I reported several cases of abuse," said Ann.
The health professional said she left after repeatedly seeing elderly patients neglected, left for hours in their waste and treated cruelly.
"I witnessed a gentleman fall out of his wheelchair and I witnessed one of the other aides that I was shadowing pull his shirt up over his head and when she did that his head bounced and hit the floor," said the certified nursing assistant.
The 30 year old wife and mother said she told her supervisors about the abuses but nothing was ever done.
She was disturbed by the sight of 74 year old Tommi Lovern's injuries.
"I definitely believe what the people are saying," said Ann.
"My dad was fine until he went to that nursing home. He was in his right mind and it's like he went down and down and down from there," said Renee Guy Thomas.

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