Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woman Claims Nursing Home responsible for Fathers Death

A woman is suing McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation, LLC, after she claims it is responsible for her father’s injuries and death. Wisteria, LLC and AMFM, LLC were also named as defendants in the suit.James Allen was a patient of the defendants Nursing Home from Nov. 9, 2010, until Dec. 6, 2010, according to a complaint filed Jan. 4 in Kanawha Circuit Court.
Claudia Ross claims during Allen’s residency, he suffered serious injuries from a pattern of poor care, neglect and abuse rendered by the defendants and their staff, including uncontrolled high glucose, severe dehydration and urinary tract infections.
The negligent care and abuse of Allen by the defendants caused significant destruction on his physical condition and proximately contributed to his death on Dec. 10, 2010, according to the suit.
Ross claims the defendants failed to exercise a degree of care, skill and learning required or expected of reasonable, prudent healthcare providers in their profession.
The defendants inadequately trained their employees and were aware that their employees were unqualified and inadequately trained, yet retained them as employees to care for residents, according to the suit.

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