Monday, July 08, 2013

Christopher House Worcester MA

I received a call today from a man whose mother is in the Christopher House nursing home in Worcester Massachusetts. It seems he found his mother wearing clothes that weren't hers and she had a cut on her elbow that staff could not explain. His mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He reiterated that on a prior occasion he was informed someone had been "in his mothers bed" by a nurse. He was concerned because the staff would not give him any answers and he was worried about her care. He mentioned the nursing home had a "low rating".

We generally do not get involved when the resident is still in the facility. Ombudsman, the state DPH and other resources are available for advocacy needs of current residents. Our advice is always the same though: remove your loved one from a nursing home if you have concerns about their care or believe there has been neglect.

Our website has a free booklet explaining the rights of nursing home residents and is free at: and

by Bernard Hamill
Nursing Home Abuse

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Anonymous said...

Show up at different times and often to check on your loved one.My mother is at Christopher House also in the Alzheimer's unit.All the patients enter each others rooms and will either leave their own items there or walk off with someone elses items.Worse than that is when they give a drug without your approve or you catch a nurse in a lie.Recently in a money discussion with the director,I found his comments to show that he cares most for the almighty dollar than the needs of his patients.Make sure all injuries and any incidents are brought to the attention of the staff and noted in the patients file.