Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ashton Grange nurse was allegedly drunk at work

A care home nurse was allegedly so drunk at work that she confused a teddy bear with a baby, a hearing was told today.

Violet Ruto attended the Ashton Grange Nursing Home in Horsham, West Sussex while intoxicated on repeated occasions and was so unsteady on her feet she had to be removed from the building, it was said.

She was also found sleeping in one of the rooms during her shift on New Year’s Eve, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard

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Ashton Grange nurse 'was so drunk at work she thought a teddy was a baby' | Mail Online

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Claudia Rosenburg said...

I find it really disturbing that this nurse was drunk on the job. She could have killed someone or injured herself. It baffles me that people think this kind of behavior is okay. I hope they take some disciplinary action against her. Imagine how many lawsuits could be filed against the nursing home!
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