Monday, November 10, 2008

Kindred Settles Abuse Lawsuit during trial

Read from the webpage of a Massachusetts Nursing Home Attorney recently:

"Kindred East, LLC DBA Franklin Nursing and Rehabilitation recently settled an assault/abuse lawsuit against them during Trial in Massachusetts Norfolk Superior Court in front of Judge Patrick Brady. Opening statements were given to the Jury by Attorney Hamill and the first witnesses testified. Descriptions by the witness of several assaults committed against the plaintiff and rough treatment and swearing were described. They were committed by a 53 year old nurses aid, Bernadette Stackpole. The following day as 6 more witnesses sat in the hallway ready to testify, Kindred settled the case for $425,000. Kindreds original offer was $10,000."

See the complete Kindred Abuse article

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indictment alleges nurse was 'Angel of Death'

Daily Herald Indictment alleges nurse was 'Angel of Death': "A worker at a McHenry County nursing home gave patients dangerous doses of morphine and other drugs in 2006 with the permission of a facility director who told her to serve as an 'Angel of Death,' according a McHenry County grand jury.
Both women now face multiple felony charges alleging they jeopardized patients' lives, but authorities stopped short Friday of accusing either of killing or intending to kill the home's residents.
The indictments come after a 15-month state police investigation into the home sparked by allegations that a former employee had performed as many as six mercy killings at the Woodstock Residence nursing home in 2006."