Thursday, April 07, 2011

Three nursing home workers arrested in Delaware County

"Three employees at a well-known Delaware County nursing home are facing appalling charges. The District Attorney's Office is charging the Quadrangle nursing home workers with assaulting and neglecting an elderly patient - whose family recorded it all on a hidden camera. The 78-year-old woman told her family she was being abused and according to court documents the family found marks on her body. The family said it told nursing home officials who said the claims could not be substantiated, and pointed to the woman's dementia. Delaware County District Attorney Michael Green said the family hid the camera in the woman's room at the nursing home in Haverford. Three nursing home workers arrested in Delaware County — NewsWorks:

Nursing home worker pleads guilty

EUGENE, Ore. - A nursing home employee accused of sexually abusing a female resident pleaded guilty to a lesser charge Friday morning and was sentenced to over 3 years in prison. Eugene police arrested Robert Price just before the holidays after Valley West Health Care Center called them reporting an alleged case of sex abuse at their facility. Price pleaded not guilty to first degree sex abuse on Dec. 30. On Friday, Price pleaded builty to attempted sex abuse. Judge Maurice Merten sentenced Price to 3 years and nine months in prison. Nursing home worker pleads guilty to attempted sex abuse KVAL CBS 13 - News, Weather and Sports - Eugene, OR - Eugene, Oregon Local & Regional News: