Friday, November 15, 2013

Abuse/neglect is the biggest fear going into a care home

"The fear of being abused is the main reason people do not want to end up in a care home, a damning study reveals today.
Four in 10 said they would refuse to go into care. A third of them said it was mainly because they were concerned about selling their home to cover costs.
But half admitted the biggest reason was they worried about abuse or neglect.
Claudia Wood, of think-tank Demos, which commissioned the research, said: “The results have confirmed our fears that care homes are seen as something to be avoided and a last resort.
"Abuse and poor care are real issues in the care system, but we can’t assume all care homes are like those identified in shocking TV investigations.”"
Abuse or neglect is the biggest reason people fear going into a care home according to a new report by the Demos think-tank - Mirror Online:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bethel nursing home fined by state

A Bethel nursing home is among four in the state that have been fined in connection with lapses in patient care.
In a citation released this week, the state Department of Public Health announced that on Oct. 9 it fined Bethel Healthcare Center of Bethel $1,500 in connection with a resident who was burned.
DPH records show that on July 2, a heating pad was left behind the knee of a resident for several hours, instead of a half-hour, when one licensed practical nurse did not remove it or tell the next shift it was there   Bethel nursing home fined by state - NewsTimes

by Bernard Hamill