Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jacksonville nursing home on federal watch list

Summer Brook Health Care center is a 120 bed facility, privately owned and is now on Medicare's Watch List.
Brian Lee is with Families for Better Care, an advocate for the nursing home industry.
"This is only one of three nursing homes in the state of florida,682 nursing homes, that is on this federal watch list," said Lee.
Lee said his agency's role is to push for improvements in the nursing homes industry.
"Families should be vigilant in their advocacy on behalf of their loved ones," said Lee," to ensure that they're getting safe and appropriate care."
In its August update, Florida's Agency for Health Care Adminstration using a five star rating system, gave the facility the following marks:
-Overall inspection one star
-Quality of care one star
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Second Envoy administrator charged

Police in Staunton said Monday that a nursing home administrator at Envoy has been charged in connection with the nursing home’s failure to divulge a sex abuse allegation at its Houston Street facility.
Robert T. Lawrence, 47, of Gloucester County, is charged with failure to report a civil charge.
Last week, police charged Diane R. Kline, 41, an Envoy nursing administrator, with an identical charge.
A phone call placed Monday to Envoy to determine the pair’s employment status was not returned.
In early August, a Staunton police investigation initially centered around a suspended employee at the nursing home who was accused of molesting incapacitated residents.
Following the arrest of Anthony M. Johnson, 47, a nurse’s aide, investigators quickly turned their focus on Envoy’s administration after it was accused of trying to coverup one of the molestation allegations, according to court records.
Police said that although Envoy reported two allegations against Johnson, one of them unfounded, a third allegation concerning a female resident was not passed along to authorities.
The woman, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the 1990s and is also paralyzed on her left side, said Johnson tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.
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Family: Video is proof of nursing home abuse

Mynez Carter has Alzheimer's disease and requires continuous care. But 83-year-old woman's family recently became suspicious of the way she was being treated at the Heritage Oaks Nursing Home in Arlington.
They said Carter had unexplained bruises, was acting fearful and dodged away from anyone trying to embrace her. They believe the hidden camera they installed in her room explains why.
"My heart started racing and I was horrified. And I was more mad than anything just to know this was going on with my mother," said Freddie Johnson, her daughter.
She said the video showed rough treatment. In one instance a worker putting a pillow under Carter's head can be seen pulling her hair and pushing her head. In another instance a worker pinches her leg.
Carter's children said they met with Jerry Warren, the administrator of the nursing home, and showed him the video. In summary, they said he disagreed about certain actions seen on the video.
"He's trying to justify that but there's no justification for that. It's a certain way you treat these residents. It wasn't good," said Ruth Carter, her daughter.

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