Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Nursing home safety: Troubled Chicago nursing home may lose funding

Nursing home news: Federal authorities are moving this week to terminate Medicaid funding to the troubled Wincrest Nursing Center on the city's North Side after state and federal inspections documented nursing home residents engaged in bloody fights and drug abuse that spilled from the facility out into the surrounding community. An 80-bed home that primarily houses adults with mental illnesses, including dozens with felony records, Wincrest has for years been the subject of complaints by local officials and neighbors, as well as students and staff from nearby Loyola University Chicago. Seven Loyola residence halls housing about 600 students stand within a block of the home at 6326 N. Winthrop Ave. Authorities have documented knife attacks, drug abuse at Wincrest Nursing Center. We earlier pointed out the problems facing residents when past felons are admitted into nursing homes and discussed the danger to elders when this happens.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Nursing home workers arrested for 'waterboarding' a dementia care resident

Two nursing home workers in Georgia were arrested after a coworker reported them to the police for performing a waterboarding-like attack against a resident with severe dementia.
A grand jury indicted the two women, on charges of false imprisonment and battering a nursing home patient, for the 2008 incident, The Huffington Post reported. According to a local report, the workers confined the 89-year-old nursing home resident to a shower room, and held back her arms and wrists while using a shower nozzle to simulate the sensation of drowning. The alleged attack was reportedly sparked by an argument about ice cream. The employees are both awaiting a trial date.
Intentional assaults, such as the type involving Kindred CNA Bernadette Stackpole can and should be criminally prosecuted. In most states not assaults on nursing home residents is a crime.
Nursing home workers arrested for 'waterboarding' a dementia care resident - McKnight's Long Term Care News

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Were Nursing Home Regulations too Burdensome for Lifecare?

In a recent sucessful litigation against Lifecare Nursing Home of Lynn Massachusetts, Lifecare's attorneys filed several motions to exclude evidence or to get advance rulings on the use of arguements they did not want made at trial. The case alleged nursing home negligence involving the wrongful death of a disabled resident.
On such motion "in limine"by Lifecare sought to prevent Plaintiff from arguing that the various state and federal regulations regulating nursing homes constituted the "standard of care" applicable to nursing home care. Actually I never intended to argue that the regulations were the per se standard of care.  In fact the Judge denied their pre trial motion. I was allowed to argue that the regulations were relevant for consideration.

What was eye opening was the language Lifecare put forth in support of their motion:
"When a practical nursing home is compared to these standards, it would be virtually impossible for the nursing home to avoid a finding of negligence."

The Hamill Firm of Quincy, Massachusetts concentrates their practice on advocating for elderly nursing home residents and has a successful track record of verdicts and settlements including some of the highest emotional distress verdicts ever awarded in Massachusetts for nursing home abuse. The Hamill group encourages all residents injured by neglect in Massachusetts nursing homes to call for a free evaluation of their claim.