Saturday, March 17, 2012

Judge's anger at Neglectful Nursing Home

Judge's anger as he accuses Bupa nursing home of putting cash before care as grandmother, 90, dies after neglect
A dementia patient was left to crawl naked around a filthy room in a Bupa care home because the manager was more interested in 'maximising profits and cutting costs', a court heard.
Joyce Farrow, 90, spent two months in the privately-run home before she was taken to hospital with a black eye and bruises.
She was also suffering from an infection and dehydration and died five days later. Doctors were so concerned about her condition that they called police.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Massachusetts

Another witness to horrific allegations of sexual abuse at the Hebert Nursing Home in Smithfield has come forward to the NBC 10 I-Team.
Tanya Lessard, a former certified nurse's assistant at the facility, said she saw two women in their 60s allegedly sexually molest their elderly mother on numerous occasions.
"I witnessed, seen plenty of times, that a couple of family members penetrated their mother. She's like 89 years old. A War vet. Very lovely lady," Lessard said.
Lessard filed a witness statement with the Smithfield police last week.
The I-Team recently reported there were other witnesses to the alleged behavior. The Smithfield police investigated and wanted the daughters charged, but state prosecutors declined.
"There is a lack of evidence to prosecute at this time," the attorney general's office said.
The Hebert Nursing Home said it has taken steps to protect the mother.
Lassard said she was fired from the Hebert Nursing Home because she kept complaining about the two daughters, but the nursing home told her she was fired because she kept showing up late for work.
Regarding the I-Team's investigation of the Pawtuxet Village Care and Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Michael Fine, the director of the state Department of Health, told NBC 10 exclusively that from now until March 9, there will be unannounced inspections at Pawtuxet Village.
The Health Department and the I-Team found numerous allegations of poor quality of care at the nursing home.
"We've not been overly impressed by their progress," Fine said.
Fine said his inspectors found troublesome deficiencies.
"Pain management and fall prevention and pressure ulcers, range of motion and I think in one case, weight loss," Fines said.

Monday, March 12, 2012

nursing home accused of neglect

The Minnesota Department of Health has alleged the Golden LivingCenter nursing home in Hopkins was negligent in a case where a nursing home patient died last March.According to the department's report, which was released the week of Jan. 9, the man experienced significant weight loss over a period of a month in the care of the nursing home that was not reported to his primary physician or nurse practitioner.A spokesman for the center denies it did anything wrong.

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