Friday, February 05, 2010

Albert Lea Tribune | Lawsuit alleges ‘systemic failure to exercise proper supervision’

Albert Lea Tribune | Lawsuit alleges ‘systemic failure to exercise proper supervision’

MINNEAPOLIS — Four of the alleged victims in the highly publicized elder abuse case at Good Samaritan Society of Albert Lea and their families have sued the operator of the nursing home and four of the former certified nursing assistants.

The civil lawsuit, filed Monday in Freeborn County District Court, comes on the heels of criminal trials slated for this summer.

The four former nursing assistants in the civil suit were teens, two of which face juvenile criminal charges and two of which face adult criminal charges. All are now adults. Two others not cited in the civil suit went through juvenile criminal court.

Mark Kosieradzki, one of the lawyers for the alleged victims, from the Kosieradzki-Smith law firm, said the families have a lot of questions that remain unanswered and hope the lawsuit provides answers.

A spokesman for the Good Samaritan Society says the company hasn’t done anything improper and followed correct procedures once the allegations came out.

The lawsuit accuses the nursing assistants of striking residents’ breasts, poking residents’ breasts, pinching residents’ nipples, inserting fingers in residents’ mouths until they screamed, rubbing residents’ crotches, inserting a finger into a residents’ rectum, exposing their bare buttocks, sitting with their bare buttocks on the lap of a senior resident, spitting on a resident, squirting water at a resident and simulating sexual activity with a resident.