Friday, October 19, 2012

Inspections in California Find Nursing Homes Guilty of Resident Neglect

The California Department of Justice conducted a series of surprise inspections of nursing homes across the state. The investigations spanned over a two year period, beginning in January of 2010 and ending in March of 2012. Inspectors reported findings of "unacceptable nursing care" ranging from accusations of home staff providing residents with the wrong medication to other instances of staff completely neglecting the nursing home residents.

Neglect of nursing home residents not only causes heartache for those who expect the nursing home staff to provide care for their loved ones, it can also lead to injuries for the residents. These injuries include pressure ulcers, infections and broken bones -- injuries that can lead to serious complications in the elderly.

The results of these surprise inspections are currently under review by California's Department of Public Health. The agency will determine if further action is required, which could include sanctions against offending nursing homes or potential closure.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Although the results of these inspection reports are concerning, it is important to remember that many nursing home facilities offer quality care to their residents. However, being aware of the warning signs associated with abuse or neglect in a nursing home can help to protect loved ones from serious harm.

It is important to watch for changes in a loved one's behavior, such as:
-Sudden inability to sleep or change in sleeping patterns
-Development of depression or confusion
-Unexplainable weight loss

In addition to behavioral changes, physical signs of abuse or neglect may also be present. Common physical signs like unexplainable bruises, burns, scars or lacerations on the body or the development of bed sores or other preventable conditions should be noted and discussed with the resident. - Inspections in California Find Nursing Homes Guilty of Resident Neglect

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group pushes for surveillance cameras in nursing homes

A senior advocacy group is pushing for state legislation requiring mandatory surveillance cameras in common areas of nursing homes.
Department of Human Services Aging Services Policy Program Supervisor Jennifer Case says it’s the priority issue for the Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature.
The group recently held a two-day session at the State Capitol, discussing the top five issues it wants lawmakers to address. Case said the issue of the mandatory cameras emerged as the priority.
“They hear a lot about abuse in nursing homes, and how difficult it can be sometimes to prove it,” Case told KTOK.
Group pushes for surveillance cameras in nursing homes | – Oklahoma City News & Weather from KAUT Television Freedom 43