Thursday, December 25, 2003

Welcome to the Medical Malpractice Blog site, where you will find links, articles, resources and statistics about medical malpractice in the United States - and an occasional jab at the right wing feuled anti-consumer movement which seeks to limit citizen/victims acces to the civil justice system. A Tort Reform movement by insurance companies, big business and the AMA are threatening the erosion of fundamental civil rights and liberties such as the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial for malpractice victims as well as proposing caps or limits on how much innocent victims can recover against bad doctors who are not sanctionned. Right wing proponents want to flood the courts with big business suits yet want restrictions on the right of an injured individual. No caps have been propsed on the salaries of the excutives running large health care organizations and insurance companies however. It has truly become a political item where camps have drawn lines between republican and democrat, liberal and conservative. My apology to those looking for a balanced presentation of the issues; there has been such a proliferation of and distortion of anti-consumer materials fed to the press and media by insurance interests and the medical lobby that the time is now to set the record straight with some cold hard facts...and actual case stories, which no cap proponent wants to talk about.