Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Find a Safe Nursing Home for Loved Ones

1. The more time you have to choose the better
Try to anticipate when your loved one may need nursing care rather than limiting your choices by last minute emergencies.

2. Let your loved one participate in choosing the home.
If your loved one is able emotionally and mentally to review his/her choices it always is better.

3. Visit the home several times
See how many residents are up and dressed after breakfast. Does the facility smell? Are most of the people dressed, engaged in activities? Or do they collectively sit in a holding area for a large part of the day in nightgowns and pajama's? How many over 100 year patients are there - that could be a sign of good care. What is the average length of stay for a resident....

4. Investigate The Nursing Home
The left hand links column in this site has multiple links where you can look up your nursing homes. Pro Publica and Nursing Home Compare has a website to compare nursing homes.
State Departments of Public Health have public information on the quality of care provided.

5. Try the suit on before you buy it
Have a meal in their dining hall. Talk to CNA's, Nurses and residents about how they like the Home. Ask about staffing levels and turnover. Watch the communication and treatment between aides and residents: are they friendly and relaxed or rushed and put out.

6. Proximity to family
Frequent visits from family are crucial and trump many other factors. If the home is near family you will have more visits.

Bernard Hamill

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