Friday, December 18, 2009

Chicago Jury finds Nursing Home Guilty in Bedsore Death

OLIET -- A local nursing home must pay up for a patient who died after suffering a huge bedsore that ate through her skin to the bone.

A jury on Monday ruled against Rosewood Care Center and awarded $51,000 to the family of Catherine Taylor in connection with her death in 2004. Rosewood Care Center must also cover the attorney fees incurred by Taylor's children over the course of the 5-year-old lawsuit.

"We feel vindicated that we proved that they did something wrong," said Frank Cservenyak, one of the attorneys representing Taylor's daughter, Mary Pat Barney, who was acting as the administrator of her mother's estate.

Taylor, who was 88 when she died in December 2004, was a resident of Rosewood in July and August 2004, On Aug. 19, 2004, Taylor, a former teacher, was taken to Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center and six days later "underwent a procedure to remove bedsores and treat bone infections brought on by her confinement to her bed and her exposure to urine and other bodily fluids during (her) care," according to the complaint against Rosewood.

"She had a hole in her backside the size of my fist," said an attorney representing Taylor's estate.

And Pyles said the bedsore was the fault of the nursing home staff.

"Rosewood screwed up on 8/18 (2004)," he said. "Everybody who testified in this case has told you about it, and it caused Catherine Taylor's death."

One of the attorneys representing Rosewood, pointed out that Taylor had bedsores on other parts of her body, proving that she did not suffer them as a result of neglect.
"If she wasn't being turned, how did that happen?" He asked the jury in his closing argument. "Something happened to her body that night," McCubbin said. "I don't know what it was. I don't think the doctors know what it was.",4_1_JO02_LAWSUIT_S1-091202.article

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