Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements - Use a Power of Attorney to defeat?

Nursing Homes are routinely denying wrongfully injured consumers access to the Courts by inserting mandatory arbitration agreements into their lengthy admission packets. Usually, consumers or their representatives are unaware that they have signed a document that forfeits or severly limits important civil rights.

In my website I have addressed a possible solution to defeat this practice by Nursing Homes  by using a properly worded Power of Attorney document as part of their estate plan prior to going into a long term care facility.

The Nursing Home Power of Attorney would include a clause prohibiting your health care agent from unwittingly signing away your right to suit for injuries before you've even gone into the nursing facility. It would preserve your right to a jury trial of your peers rather than having to use an arbitrator who is dependant on large nursing Home chains for a continued stream of lucrative nursing home business.

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