Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facility Elder Abuse Caught on Tape

Three workers at a nursing home in Pennsylvania have been arrested after being caught on tape hitting and abusing an elderly woman who suffers from dementia. Relatives of the 78-year-old woman installed a hidden camera after officials at the home rejected their suspicions that she was being abused, ABC News reports. The woman had told her daughter she was being punched and slapped by staff, asking: "Why do they keep picking on me?"
The video shows the employees "engaging in acts which I can only describe as humiliating, taunting and abusive of the victim in this case, including forcing the victim to stand topless for several minutes while the defendant and the other employees mocked her," the district attorney said
Shocking Facility Elder Abuse Caught on Tape - Hidden camera catchers workers hitting, taunting dementia patient

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