Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Admitting Past Felons into Nursing Homes

The Desmoine Register had this article the same day I wrote about placement of past felons in nursing homes and how they increase risk of crimes upon nursing home residents.
State officials say doctors did not view convicted sex offender William Cubbage as a sexual predator when they recommended moving him to an Iowa nursing home where he’s now suspected of sexually assaulting an elderly woman. At one time, a psychologist hired by the state believed Cubbage had victimized “a large number of female children” without being charged or prosecuted for those offenses, according to court records.
Two decades of sex crimes in nursing home abuse suspect’s past The Des Moines Register

With violent attacks by felons living in some nursing homes, some facilities are scrambling to comply with disclosure laws required in some states to notify state public health officials when they admit offenders. The number of felons reported to be living in the facilities increased last month in some states. Past reported felonious acts have included rape, theft, assaults, illegal drug use and violence. Some former felons also have serious psychiatric conditions.

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