Monday, November 28, 2011

Massachusetts Finishes in Bottom Third of States for Nursing Home Care

"Lowered Expectations" in Massachusetts Nursing Homes

Massachusetts Long Term care report cards including Nursing Home care marks graded Massachusetts at the third out of fourth quadrants for nursing care quality.
For these importatnt indicators see the state rank (out of 50)
- Quality of Life & Quality of Care: 34th
- Support for Family Caregivers: 39th
- Percent of home health episodes of care in which interventions
to prevent pressure sores were included in care plan for at-risk patients: 40th
- Percent of adults age 18 with disabilities living in the community
who are satisfied or very satisfied with life: 38th
- Percent of home health patients with hospital admission: 38th

- Cost: 17th most expensive

The disparity between the quality of services delivered and the cost of nursing home care is telling and unacceptible in a state with so many top level health care resources. In this case "you don't get what you pay for".
Massachusetts State Scorecard - The Commonwealth Fund

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