Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ohio facility may lose license after meth lab fire

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The state of Ohio is taking steps to revoke the license of a nursing home that had a fatal methamphetamine lab fire and was later found to be violating federal regulations, the Ohio Department of Health said Tuesday.
The March 4 fire broke out in a resident's room at Park Haven Home in Ashtabula. Shaun Warrens, 31, who police said was not a resident of the home or an employee, was killed. Four other people were hospitalized, and two were treated at the scene.
A review of the home last week cited seven nursing home violations, including failure to have a written plan to evacuate residents in an emergency, according to a report on the violations. The home was also cited for not correctly closing and latching doors and not providing proper beds for two residents.
Park Haven was notified Monday that its state license may be revoked, health department spokeswoman Tessie Pollock said. If the home is closed, representatives of several agencies would be available to help residents find other places to live, she said.

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