Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brian Lee: Nursing Home Advocate

Some "anonymous" critic would apparently attack Nursing Home ombudsman Brian Lee. My question is do they have any proof whatsoever and why do they remain anonymous? It looks to me this was an article attacking him more because he opposes the atrocious nursing home industry backed bill that would insulate nursing home shell corporations from liability when residents are mistreated or abused.

From the article:

"Now his critics insist he's whipping up business for one of the state's busiest nursing home litigators.
They say Brian Lee finds disgruntled patients, then Tampa personal injury attorney Jim Wilkes sues the living bedsheets out of their nursing homes."

My question: Who are "They"?

Disgruntled patients? or abused patients?
Lee call the accusation "ridiculous". He described the source of donations as coming from "unions, families and the Wilkes law firm."

Brian Lee: Good-Guy Nursing Home Watchdog or Shill for a Trial Lawyer? | Sunshine State News

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