Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kara Murphy - Quincy CNA Nursing Aide Sentenced for Abuse

Atrium Abuser Sentenced Wed. 3-30-11. Quincy District Court, Quincy, MA.

Update: April 6, 2011:

Kara Murphy, The Certified Nurse Aid who worked at The Atrium in Quincy,  pleaded guilty in Court to 7 counts of assault and battery on an elderly or disabled person on 3-30-2011.

The DA's office read the abuse charges, the judge asked her if she is pleading guilty to all the details as presented, and Murphy said yes.  The details include punching and slapping one elder victim (H) and assorted acts against others.

The DA's office asked for some jail time to be served.  Defense attorney Karen Wayne asked for time served on house arrest. 

The Judge explained in court the seriousness of crimes, and what pleading guilty means.  Sentence finally handed down was 1 year probation, anger management group, and no work with elderly or children until probation is up, according to a Court observer.
Hamill Law office is currently representing an elder victim of these terrible assaults.

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Anonymous said...

punishment does NOT fit the crime. worst is she can go back after her slap on the hand is over and do it all over again to more elderly. KEEP HER AWAY FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!