Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nursing home abuse alleged in Niagara

Two employees at a Wheatfield nursing home “joined in humiliating, distressing and violating the dignity” of two residents last April, according to state Department of Health documents obtained Tuesday.
The documents detail a disturbing event at Northgate Health Care Facility wherein one nursing assistant placed two elderly residents suffering from dementia and other mental health ailments in the same bed while another nurse made sexual comments, apparently seeking to spur inappropriate interaction, and taking pictures, the documents state.
Alicia Clemens, a certified nursing assistant, took cell phone camera pictures of the two elderly and impaired clients after she and another employee, Gloria Maxwell, placed them in the same bed together during their shift on April 14. The report concludes that Maxwell and Clemens were acting “for their own entertainment.”
Clemens and Maxwell attempted to convince the pair they were husband and wife, Gretchen Fantauzzi, senior attorney acting on behalf of Commissioner of Health Richard Daines, wrote in her report on the incident.
Using “sexually provocative commentary” to solicit physical contact between the two, Fantauzzi said sufficient evidence exists that Clemens and Maxwell brought the elderly female client, who reportedly suffers from mild retardation and schizophrenia, into the room occupied by an elderly man and his real wife.

Nursing home abuse details released » Local News » Niagara Gazette

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