Saturday, March 24, 2012

Canada promise tough sentences for crimes against seniors

The Canadian federal government is introducing legislation that calls for tougher sentences for those convicted of elder abuse.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Minister of State for Seniors Alice Wong announced plans to amend the Criminal Code so that taking advantage of a senior will be considered "an aggravating factor" in a crime. That "aggravating factor" would then be taken into consideration during sentencing.
"We have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, including older Canadians," Nicholson told reporters during the announcement at a seniors centre in Toronto on Thursday.
Nicholson explained the legislation does not call for specific penalties in cases involving the abuse of seniors, but calls on judges to use their discretion in each case.
"It's up to the judge within the offences that the individual has been charged with, to make that determination after they've been found guilty. And that's our job as legislators: to make these provisions, and that's exactly what we've done: make this an aggravating factor that the courts will have to look at," Nicholson told reporters.
Feds promise tough sentences for crimes against seniors | CTV Ottawa | CTV News

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