Friday, March 23, 2012

nursing home worker sexually assaulted resident

An employee of a St. Paul nursing home is accused of exposing himself and sexually assaulting a nursing home resident, according the Minnesota Department of Health report.
The state agency said the alleged nursing home assault incidents took place at the Highland Chateau Health Care Center, according to a report made public Tuesday, March 20. The nursing home, located at 2319 W. Seventh St. in the Highland neighborhood, self-reported the case.
According to the health department report, a resident told a state inspector that an employee had approached her several times while providing care and tried to touch her breasts, exposed his penis and had her provide oral sex.
The worker was not named and he denied the allegations.
"The (worker) provided inconsistent information during the course of the interview," the report states. Even though a health department investigator had found information about a similar situation in his past, the worker "denied that he had similar concerns about being sexually inappropriate with a resident," the report stated.
The worker had been the focus of two neglect allegations and one physical abuse allegation at other facilities, according to the report. Another employee at the nursing home described the resident as "alert and oriented," the report stated, and did not have a history of making false accusations.
St. Paul nursing home worker sexually assaulted resident, state says -

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